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Why Choose EMS Fitness?

Feb. 19, 2021

Along with "smart technology", "Internet+", Internet of Things and other concepts, smart gyms, community-based gyms or smart wearable equipment combined with big data have prompted fitness practitioners to follow the pace of the trend or seek new breakthroughs to cope with the impact of the storm.

It is especially important to create "new" at this time, who can play "new" patterns in the traditional mode who can attract attention, who can walk in front of the industry who may win the market and the first bucket of gold, just like Ali's cloud computing, how many people are not optimistic now how many people are trying to catch up, if you have not heard of the EMS fitness popular in Europe and the United States in recent years, beware, you are likely to have OUT.

What is EMS?

The movement of the human body, the bioelectric signal sent by the brain, through the conduction of the nervous system, to reach the muscle tissue that needs to move, so that the muscle tissue to produce contraction to complete the corresponding action.


EMS technology is to simulate the human brain bioelectric signal, the signal level low frequency pulse current through the sweat gland into the technology transmission to the motor nerve, command the same group of muscle groups work together, effectively promote the whole body blood and lymph circulation, to develop muscle strength, treatment of muscle soft tissue injuries, fat reduction and shaping purposes.

Guangdong Bote Health Technology Co., ltd. has developed a new generation of EMS intelligent wearable equipment, Ems workout pants using the latest fitness technology to greatly improve the efficiency of training, so that the modern society of busy people, using fragmented time, can be efficient and convenient to complete fitness training.

At the same time, we have optimized the design, combined with a variety of scenarios, so that users can naturally and easily complete the fitness, so that fitness is truly integrated into life, anytime and anywhere can be carried out.

Ems Workout Pants

Why choose EMS fitness?

With the help of EMS fitness method, muscles can get continuous high intensity exercise. In addition, all large muscle groups are stimulated simultaneously and the imbalance of the workout is prevented, and the muscles can be adjusted for the imbalance. This muscular adjustment can be included in the workout when dynamic movements are performed through EMS Fitness, in addition to activating specific muscle groups. This facilitates the translation of the increased strength into the desired movement pattern. In addition, EMS Fitness shortens the duration of exercise; a mere 15 minutes of exercise through EMS Fitness can easily achieve the results of a 60-minute traditional workout. Exercises combined with EMS fitness are more systematically adjusted to specific postures and exercise effects than regular workouts.


Weightless plyometric training, no weight burden, no injury to joints, can safely exercise. Full-body & partial body targeted training, can be performed according to individual needs for full-body training or partial training, thus improving training efficiency.


Deep muscle strengthening training, the deep muscles that cannot be trained through general plyometric exercises, will be easier and more convenient to achieve the purpose of strengthening training.Intelligent EMS fitness training suit is also equipped with a professional APP, further improving the convenience; training without spraying water, a better experience.


The training to improve body coordination, through low and medium frequency waves at the same time to give the whole body unified stimulation.

It can not only train the coordination of the body but also make the muscles develop in a balanced way.

Weight loss and body building training, through muscle contraction training can achieve the goal of muscle gain and fat loss, and achieve the purpose of weight loss and body building.

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