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Why Choose EMS Electric Pulse Fitness?

Dec. 04, 2020

Bodybuilding is the basic requirement of human beings, and for a long time, the bodybuilding industry in China has been developing slowly compared with developed countries in Europe and America. The bottom line is not that China's gyms are in short supply, but that traditional gyms fail to address the practical problems of a modern urban population.

According to relevant data,90% of people do not exercise in their daily life. Due to lack of exercise time, injury troubles, too painful training, boring exercise process and no training effect, most people cannot stick to fitness. Is there a way to solve these pain points, activate users, and provide a new solution for modern people to keep fit?

Muscle Toning Suits

EMS Electric Pulse Lazy Fitness -- New Opportunity of Science and Technology fitness

At present, the "science and technology fitness" represented by EMS electric pulse lazy person fitness uses technical means to assist coaches. Its core purpose is to improve fitness efficiency and solve the pain points that users do not have time, cannot insist and cannot see the training effect. EMS electric pulse lazy fitness training 20 minutes can achieve the traditional fitness training effect of 2 hours, only 2 times a week.

This fast, efficient, accurate and safe way of fitness can meet different fitness needs, whether it is to increase muscle, reduce fat, shape or postpartum recovery,EMS electric pulse lazy fitness training can achieve very good results. EMS electric pulse slacker fitness also represents the future trend of efficient training and has become one of the fastest growing segments in the fitness industry.

Can EMS reduce fat?

Losing fat or weight is now the starting point of most people's exercise. A total of 120 female participants, aged 20 to 40, had a BMI of more than 27. The participants were divided into four groups: a control group, which was given no intervention, and a group which was given Interferential Therapy(IFT intervention); A third group was given hot water and IFT, while a fourth group was put on a treadmill with a brisk walk. The IFC intervention in group 2 and group 3 was a 4000Hz electrical pulse device. At the end of the experiment, there were changes in body fat in group 2, group 3 and group 4, with the changes in group 2 and group 3 being the most significant. So the results of this experiment show that EMS training can effectively help reduce fat.

Can EMS achieve muscle - building effect?

As EMS becomes more widely used in the field of mass fitness around the world, the question arises: can EMS really build muscle? Study participants were 15 men with an average age of 43.07 years who underwent EMS training for 5 weeks. Participants did not change their daily activities, sleep duration or daily intake during the 5 weeks. The results of the study showed a significant increase in muscle mass after five weeks of training, and suggested at the end that this type of training was appropriate for anyone seeking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as professional athletes.

Advantages of muscle fitness training clothing

The benefits of muscle toning suits have been scientifically proven. Muscular fitness suits are a full-body workout that strengthens all muscle groups. Through this effective muscle construction, our bodies burn more calories, which helps us lose weight and reduce body fat. Muscle toners can also eliminate fat and tighten our skin. It is also an effective way to prevent and repair common back problems such as disc herniation and muscle tension.

1. Silicone electrode is used in the suit. So it doesn't need to warm up. Wear it for immediate exercise and it's durable.

2. The suit is in full size and made of stretch fabric, suitable for most people. And the suit has arm shackles and leg shackles, you can adjust it yourself.

3. The suit can be washed directly into the water. All of our wires are waterproof and can be cleaned directly in the washing machine.

4. Control the pulse stimulation of 20 muscle groups through 8 channels. Full body training.

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