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Where did the Inspiration for EMS Technology Come From?

Nov. 20, 2020

EMS training, short for Electric Muscle Stimulation. In the past few years, a large number of EMS training programs have appeared in the fitness field, and people often question them because they don't understand them. Today we will talk about the past and present of this technology to solve your doubts.

Inspiration originated in the 18th century

This story first started in 1786. When the Italian doctor and zoologist Galvani was dissecting the frog in the laboratory, he discovered that after the skin was peeled, touching the nerve of the frog's leg with the knife tip would cause the frog's leg to spasm violently and produce electric sparks. After repeated experiments, he found that the spasm of the frog's legs would occur regardless of day and night, weather, thunder, indoors or outdoors. According to this, Galvani believed that the spasm originated from the current existing in the organism and named it "animal electricity".

A few years later, Galvani published his research results on frog leg spasm in an article entitled "On the Electricity in Muscles". The theory of animal electricity was widely discussed and recognized by the scientific community, and frog legs became essential materials in the laboratory for a while. 

EMS Technology

Discover and accept

The phenomenon that "electricity can control muscle contraction" is gradually discovered and accepted by people. This is also the starting point and key to the story we want to tell.

After the discovery of the biological myoelectric phenomenon, the medical field applied it to treatment, which directly contributed to the birth of electrotherapy. Doctors began to use electric current as a treatment tool. In 1862, British doctor Watson discovered and reported the key significance of electric current for cardiac arrest. In 1871, Stein used needle electrodes to give electrical stimulation to the apex of the patient's heart and successfully rescued the patient in cardiac arrest.

After the Second World War, the clinical value of cardiac pacing technology gradually emerged. In 1952, Americans Chadak and Kritbach developed a cardiac stimulator composed of transistors and batteries. After this, EMS technology  gradually developed from the external rescue cardiac arrest technology to the internal pacing technology.

In the 1960s, humans began to enter the universe. After breaking away from the gravity of the earth, astronauts experienced a certain degree of muscle atrophy in the weightless environment of space. After returning to the earth, their limbs were weak and walking unstable. Scientists found that using EMS therapy can help muscles Contraction exercise can significantly treat the condition of muscle atrophy.

Application of EMS system

Later, this technology was applied to paralyzed patients and elderly people with limited mobility, so that they could get rid of the shadow of muscle atrophy caused by inconvenience.

In the 1960s, Dr. Kotz of the Russian Sports University first used it in the training of wrestling teams. The significant muscle enhancement effect allowed the former Soviet Union to secretly use EMS in the national team to cultivate a group of world champions in the fields of sprinting, weightlifting, and high jump. World record creator. Since then, EMS training has been used successively in Eastern and Western Europe, the United States and other countries. In the 1990s, EMS technology has been used in almost all competitive sports, and it has received increasing attention from sports powers.

Wireless Ems Training Suit

EMS technology in China

Our country also began to use this technology in the 1990s, and achieved remarkable results in sports training, sports reinforcement, and sports rehabilitation. Especially in sports injuries, past injuries will affect the normal training intensity, or even terminate the training, resulting in athletes' muscle atrophy and loss of muscle strength. EMS technology can perform contraction training on other muscles while treating the affected area, so that muscle circumference and muscle strength can be maintained at a high level, avoiding a significant drop in training level.

In the 21st century, EMS technology has become civilized, and more attention is paid to (Ems Health Care). Because of different training goals, researchers have found that weak current can help muscles contract to an appropriate degree. This is what we call EMS fitness programs. There are several forms of electrode wire attachment, conductive adhesive patch, and electrical stimulation suit. From a technical perspective, EMS technology is used. The difference lies in the way in which it acts on the body muscles and the differences in the training mode software developed by various brands.

In layman's terms, this technology is equivalent to making muscle contraction exercise through electric current, without active exercise, it can also exercise muscles while consuming calories, and has great effects in both rehabilitation and fat loss.

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